Monitor Your Health with HELO Smart Wristband


People these days have better concern about healthy lifestyle. We are willing to change our lifestyle into a healthier one with more exercises, better daily diet, and other good habits. We also want to monitor our health condition to make sure we always in good wellness. New technology of wearable gadget helps us get what we need. Today, we are very familiar with fitness bracelets or fitness wristbands to monitor health rate, calories burned, and other things.

Having a good health sounds good and off course, we are all want it. That’s why we are willing to invest on good wearable device to help us monitor our health condition. It is obvious we always want to make a good investment and for that, we need to choose the best health wearable device. In the market today, we can easily find many wearable devices from different brands. But this new one may be the one we really need. Introducing HELO smart wristband, the innovative wearable device designed and made to effectively monitor health conditions and helps improving wellness. The name HELO comes from Health & Lifestyle Oracle.

HELO smart wristband is powered by advanced chipset from Toshiba combined with Toshiba ApP Lite for much precise monitoring. Compared to other fitness or health wristband, HELO can offer better features. It is more than just basic monitoring like heart rate, calorie burned, or steps taken but this wristband can offer accurate monitoring of blood glucose level, ECG/EKG, breathe rate, blood oxygen level, blood temperature, and many more. More than just monitoring, but the advanced processors and software can present report of health condition including prediction of certain health problems. HELO also has Germanium semi-conductor stone plate and Himalayan salt stone plate that emit negative ions with anti-oxidizing effects to help maintaining ionic balances, relaxing muscles, and reducing pains.