Gas Trouble due to heavy foods is very natural. Today want to speak different types of pains. One of the major pains that we suffer mostly is that of gas pain in various parts of  our body. I see many has this problem.  Here I want to tell mainly about gas trouble in chest

Here  gas  pain in chest occurs due to the use of wrong diet and wrong food. Also  gas pain in chest happens with the way you manage timings with the time of your diet. If you do not  maintain the time or you  skip the diet carelessly you will have this problem of gas pain. This pain could occur in heart area or back area or any where of your body. But mainly majority cases where gas trouble disturbs is  that of chest.  So be careful that this may not happen  with you. I suggest you to take enough care with some effort with food. All can do this . But it is because of laziness that we cannot follow diet plan to avoid gas trouble.  If you want see more  information about gas problem in chest

So  In this way I want to remind you of 5 things.

  1. Take water more
  2. Take water after 2 hours of eating
  3. Do not take oily food
  4. Do not take meat
  5. Do not skip meals

If you follow the above rules you can get rid of gas trouble in chest easily This is very important for you to realize. Otherwise you will feel something wrong. Never think of doing wrong  things. Do not trouble your body unnecessarily. If you think about one proverb Prevention is better than cure, then here it suits well for you. Get  rid of pains in chest easily by take the help of some sources like